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🚀 Getting Started with ReductStore

ReductStore offers many ways to easily integrate into an existing infrastructure. Choose the one that suits you best.


The easiest way to start using ReductStore is to run Docker image:

docker run -p 8383:8383 -v ${PWD}/data:/data reduct/store:latest

The database will be available on port http://127.0.01:8383 and stores data in the ./data directory. You may check if it's working with a simple HTTP request:


Pre-built Binaries

You can use pre-built binaries for Linux, macOS or Windows operating systems. Download a binary for your OS and platform from GitHub release page. Extract the file and then type the commands:

On Windows:


On Linux or macOS

RS_DATA_PATH=./data ./reductstore


Build Requirements:

  • Minimal Rust version: 1.75
  • Protobuf 3.17.3 or later

You can also install the database with cargo:

sudo apt install protobuf-compiler
cargo install reductstore
RS_DATA_PATH=./data reductstore

Azure IoT

ReductStore is available as an Azure IoT Edge Module, so you can easily deploy it if you are using Azure IoT. Click "Get It Now" and follow the instructions.


You can install the database with snap:

sudo snap install reductstore

ReductStore will be available on port http://127.0.01:8383 and store data in the /var/snap/reductstore/common/data directory.

Demo Server

If you don't want to deal with the installation, but just want to play with the database, you can use our demo server:


API Token: reductstore

What Is Next?

Try to use the database with your favorite programming language:

If you can't find your programming language in the list, you can still use the ReductStore HTTP API or ping us. If you are serious about using it, we can help you with integration.