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A time series database for storing and managing large amounts of blob data

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You can use simple HTTP requests to write objects with timestamps and read them for a given time interval.

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Optimized For Real Time Applications

Never worry about storage overruns by using ReductStore's high performance FIFO quota.

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No Object Size Limitation

The storage engine uses streaming with asynchronous write/read operations so the only object size limitation is your disk.

ReductStore Client SDKs

You can use the following client SDKs for quick and easy integration into your applications and infrastructure:

Web Console

ReductStore has an integrated web console that allows you to easily manage your data and access to it.

CLI Client

You can manage your ReductStore instance and export data from it by using ReducStore CLI client. The client is cross-platform, written in Python and available as a PIP package.


ReductStore is a time series database designed specifically for storing and managing large amounts of blob data. It has high performance for writing and real-time querying, making it suitable for edge computing, computer vision, and IoT applications. ReductStore is 100% open source under Mozilla Public License 2.0.


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