ReductStore Pricing

Open Source License: Our project is available under the Mozilla Public License v2 (MPLv2), which allows for free use, modification, and distribution of the source code for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. However, users must make any modifications to the source code available to the public if they distribute the database.

Commercial License: For companies or individuals who are using the project for commercial purposes and need support from our team, we also offer a commercial license. This license does not provide any additional rights to use the project beyond what is granted under the MPLv2, but it does include support from our team. Please contact us for pricing and additional information.

License Mozilla Public License v2 (MPLv2) Commercial License
Features All features are available All features are available
Support Community: Discord or GitHub issue Direct Engineering support via chat or email
Release Support Current 1 Year Long Term Support
Price Free From 60$ per device per year
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ReductStore is a time series database designed specifically for storing and managing large amounts of blob data. It has high performance for writing and real-time querying, making it suitable for edge computing, computer vision, and IoT applications. ReductStore is 100% open source under Mozilla Public License v2.0.