ReductStore Client SDK for Python v1.2.0: New Features and Example Use

Dec 22, 2022. | By: Alexey Timin

Hello, everyone! We are excited to announce the release of the Python client SDK v1.2.0! This release includes support for the ReductStore HTTP API v1.2 and several other improvements.

One of the new features in this release is the method. This method allows you to get information about the current token being used to authenticate with the ReductStore instance. It returns a FullTokenInfo object, which contains information about the token, including its name, creation time, and permissions.

To use the method, simply call it on a Client instance:

from reduct import Client

client = Client('', api_token='my-token')

# Get the current token info
token_info = await

# Print the token name and creation time
print(f"Token name: {}")
print(f"Token created at: {token_info.created_at}")

# Print the token permissions
print(f"Full access: {token_info.permissions.full_access}")
print(f"Read access: {}")
print(f"Write access: {token_info.permissions.write}")

In addition to the method, this release also includes improvements to the documentation and a migration to using a pyproject.toml file to manage dependencies.

To upgrade to the latest version of the reduct-py SDK, run the following command:

pip install -U reduct-py

if you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out in Discord or by opening a discussion on GitHub.

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