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Release of C++ SDK v1.2.0

· One min read
Alexey Timin
Software Engineer - Database, Rust, C++

We are excited to announce the release of ReductStore Client SDK for C++ v1.2.0! This release includes updated documentation after we renamed the project from "Reduct Storage" to "ReductStore", and supports ReductStore HTTP API 1.2.0 with the endpoint GET /api/v1/me.

One of the useful features of the ReductStore Client SDK is the ability to retrieve information about the authenticated user using the IClient::Me method. Here is an example of how to use this method:

#include <reduct/client.h>

#include <iostream>

using reduct::IBucket;
using reduct::IClient;

int main() {
auto client = IClient::Build("", {.api_token="my-token"});
auto [token_info, err] = client->Me();
if (err) {
std::cerr << err << std::endl;
return 1;

std::cout << token_info.full_access << std::endl;
return 0;

We hope you find the ReductStore Client SDK for C++ v1.2.0 useful in your projects! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to reach out in Discord or by opening a discussion on GitHub.