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Benchmark against MinIO and InfluxDB

· 6 min read
Anthony Cavin
Data Scientist - ML/AI, Python, TypeScript

Benchmarks don't lie, let's put the systems to the ultimate test.

Diagram of ReductStore vs MinIO and InfluxDB benchmark on Edge Device HX401ReductStore vs. MinIO & InfluxDB on Edge Device HX401

For anyone deeply immersed in the engineering world of Edge Computing, Computer Vision, or IoT, you'll want to read further to understand why a time series database for blob data is needed and where it stands out.

Enter our contest: First, we have ReductStore—a time series database for blob data—specifically designed for edge devices.

Its counterpart? The duo of MinIO and InfluxDB, each optimized for their niche in blob storage and time-series data respectively.

In a head-to-head comparison, which system really leads in performance and wins the speed race?

Let's roll up our sleeves and deep-dive into this benchmarking analysis to separate fact from fiction.